Projects and initiatives

INCIEN is missing certain tools for accelerating the circular economy. Together with our partners we create these tools that serve the general public and different types of experts. Our goal is to educate and promote critical thinking, because we think it is the only way to make right decisions and avoid greenwashing.


INCIEN recognizes the importance of circular bioeconomy in providing sustainable solutions across all economic sectors. Our projects that address production, use, conservation and regeneration of biological resources include:

  1. Green dilemmas: educating the general public about the impact of food systems on climate change and educating Slovak farmers about climate change, its effects in Slovakia, and possible adaptation strategies.
  2. Sewage above gold: While searching for gold, we unexpectedly found it in sewage sludge. Although sludge is a source of nutrients, it also contains various micropollutants. In this study, you will learn about the state of sludge recovery in Slovakia, as well as the benefits and limitations of different sludge treatment options.
  3. Leader’s guide to carbon offsets: This study focuses on carbon and the carbon cycle, as well as various solutions for carbon sequestration. Its main objective is to provide an overview of existing carbon offset programs that companies can use to offset their carbon emissions. By providing a comprehensive overview of current carbon offset programs, the study aims to help companies make informed decisions on reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.


WE HAVE COME TOGETHER FOR A CIRCULAR ECONOMY. INCIEN became one of the founding 7 members of the platform to help and support the acceleration of Slovakia’s transition to a circular economy. Core platform objectives:

  1. raise awareness of the topic of the circular economy
  2. encourage an active debate on opportunities and barriers to the transition to a circular economy
  3. pave the way for the creation of new partnerships
  4. promote the exchange of experience and the presentation of examples of good practice

Founding members:

Circular Slovakia 2022 – Is it possible to operate more sustainably in Slovakia?
17 good examples from practice in Slovakia prove that it is! We present them in the publication Circular Slovakia 2022. We developed the brochure in cooperation with Circular Slovakia and its main goal is to show to the public the practical side of circular principles or business models and to inspire. It presents 17 good examples from practice in the circular economy, from the business models of companies, through the activities and initiatives of non-profit organizations, to the functioning of local governments.


GREEN CIRCULAR ACADEMY is for graduates to gain an overview of the circular economy and to be able to use the knowledge in practice in their own profession.

Target group are participants from all areas – self-government, public administration, companies, and individuals. Heroes and leaders who want and can make a real difference, embrace innovation in their profession. Municipal politicians, representatives of state organizations, municipal enterprises and public administrations, representatives of private companies, manufacturing enterprises, etc.

Benefits are acquisition of knowledge and basic insight into the circular economy, networking, partnerships and cooperation. The academy aims to build a future community.


The “Places Gone” project maps places in Slovakia where waste ends or gets a second chance.
More than 12 million tonnes of waste are produced in Slovakia every year, of which 2.3 million tonnes are municipal waste.
We do not see landfills, incinerators, collection yards, recycling lines or wastewater treatment plants in everyday life, but they exist. But what do they look like, are these places invisible, and does it really matter where our waste ends up? We have decided to bring these places closer with this project, which talks about the life of the waste behind the container, highlights the need to perceive waste as part of life and draws attention to its impact.

The project was created thanks to the support of the Tesco Foundation Fund.


The aim of this activity is to get the professional public into the practice and vice versa – to show behind the scenes of circular and waste management. In this form of active participation in the so-called waste/selected material/raw material route, participants participate in an active discussion with professionals, technologists and workers at selected locations. This creates an exceptional association between public administrations, experts or even the public, who produce legislation and guidelines with the practice for which legislation is created.


We are sharing our knowledge together with other experts in different topics in the field of circular economy also through the webinars we organize. Webinars are running live on our youtube channel and facebook and afterwards we store them on our youtube so everyone can see them anytime: