In cities and municipalities in Slovakia, we focus mainly on the field of waste management – waste prevention and steps towards circular economy. We carry out waste analysis and design concepts with concrete solutions tailored to the self-government. The proposed solutions are in line with the principles of the circular economy and the waste hierarchy.


One way for the INCIEN to obtain the best possible information on waste composition is through waste analysis. We do this by physically collecting waste from citizens, placing it all together onto one place and sorting it into specified materials. We’re literally digging into the garbage to find out as much as possible. The reason why we want to do this in this way is because it is the only reliable way to get information about how much materials in residual waste still can be recycled.

Our method of doing the residual waste analysis was later adopted by the MoE and introduced as an official method for other organizations.


Based on our mixed waste analysis and analysis of waste management data, we are setting out the next steps of towns and villages for the transition to a circular economy.
We analyze the current state of waste management, how much is created in the municipality, how much is assessed, what steps are taken to take over the generation of waste. Separately, we focus on the financing of waste management in cities, where we try to establish the principles of PAYT.


Circular maps were developed for a large range of users. The 8 biggest cities generated data about places that help us to live more sustainably (zero waste shops, shoe and clothes repair places, rental places, recycling centers etc.). We published these maps, and we are updating them regularly, so the users can always find actual data. After developing maps for Bratislava and other large cities, some small initiatives contacted INCIEN that wanted to develop a circular map for their city.

Circular maps were created with financial support from the Tesco Foundation.


Almost each municipality has a different waste sorting and collection system. In cooperation with EPR system operator Naturpack, we have created 5 variants that occur in Slovakia. For municipalities or inhabitants it’s really easy to use. They just download the one that is valid in the territory of their municipality and spread it among the inhabitants.

Alchemy was created by volunteers and interns in INCIEN, Naturpack provided us with their information about the schemes in municipalities.