Circular Slovakia platform

WE HAVE COME TOGETHER FOR A CIRCULAR ECONOMY. INCIEN became one of the founding 7 members of the platform to help and support the acceleration of Slovakia’s transition to a circular economy. Core platform objectives:

  1. raise awareness of the topic of the circular economy
  2. encourage an active debate on opportunities and barriers to the transition to a circular economy
  3. pave the way for the creation of new partnerships
  4. promote the exchange of experience and the presentation of examples of good practice

Founding members:

Circular Slovakia 2022 – Is it possible to operate more sustainably in Slovakia?
17 good examples from practice in Slovakia prove that it is! We present them in the publication Circular Slovakia 2022. We developed the brochure in cooperation with Circular Slovakia and its main goal is to show to the public the practical side of circular principles or business models and to inspire. It presents 17 good examples from practice in the circular economy, from the business models of companies, through the activities and initiatives of non-profit organizations, to the functioning of local governments.