About us

At the beginning of the INCIEN story were Ivana Maleš, Petra Csefalvayova and Katarína Bednáriková, who believed in the power of the circular economy. The vision became a reality and today we are one of the leading organizations in the field of environmental protection and the use of waste as a resource.

Over time, we have become a team of experts with rich experience and knowledge, we have implemented a number of interesting projects for companies, municipalities and the public. We cooperated with various partners at the domestic and international level. Our most important projects include:

♻ Green Circular Academy
♻ Places Gone
♻ Circular maps for municipalities
♻ professional publications on topics ranging from circular procurement to carbon capture to the value of sewage sludge

However, we do not want to be satisfied with what we have achieved so far. We still have many plans and ambitions for the future, and in particular we continue our mission: to make the circular economy an effective tool for fighting the climate crisis, the crisis of biodiversity and environmental pollution.

We wish that we always have faith in change, know how to work on our weaknesses and accept challenges with a smile. So that we can inspire and continue to be inspired.

What we do

We are experts

We are experts and we are introducing changes that everyone can make from today. We are helping to change the economy so that it no longer works at the expense of the environment and the climate.

We are helping
create less waste

We are helping companies, municipalities and people create less waste. And the one they produce we help them to change into material and resources.

We connect and educate

We are bringing together and we educate all those who want to leave the world in a better state than they found it.