Circular bioeconomy

INCIEN recognizes the importance of circular bioeconomy in providing sustainable solutions across all economic sectors. Our projects that address production, use, conservation and regeneration of biological resources include:

  1. Green dilemmas: educating the general public about the impact of food systems on climate change and educating Slovak farmers about climate change, its effects in Slovakia, and possible adaptation strategies.
  2. Sewage above gold: While searching for gold, we unexpectedly found it in sewage sludge. Although sludge is a source of nutrients, it also contains various micropollutants. In this study, you will learn about the state of sludge recovery in Slovakia, as well as the benefits and limitations of different sludge treatment options.
  3. Leader’s guide to carbon offsets: This study focuses on carbon and the carbon cycle, as well as various solutions for carbon sequestration. Its main objective is to provide an overview of existing carbon offset programs that companies can use to offset their carbon emissions. By providing a comprehensive overview of current carbon offset programs, the study aims to help companies make informed decisions on reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.