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Circular public procurement was discussed in Málaga

Tlačová správa, 24. 09. 2021, Málaga, Spain

Project partners from Czechia (BIC Brno/INCIEN), Spain (BIOAZUL) and Slovakia (INCIEN SK) met in late September in Malaga in order to discuss finalisation of the circular public procurement methodology. Its aim is to guide public authorities as well as private companies through the process of application of circularity principles in any purchase. Circular public procurement is a very present topic, especially in the discussion of the European Green Deal realisation and the future of the European economy, hardly-hit by the current pandemic.

After the publication of the circular public procurement methodology, the project partners will focus on the concept of “training the trainers” in order to instruct future multipliers how to teach about this topic. This set of guidelines/practical methodology is expected to be prepared in June 2022.

The project is realised within the programme Erasmus+ and shows that cooperation among different organisations in different European countries brings important information and experience exchange.

Workshops and seminars

For the general public, employees and as well as expert groups, we offer workshops on the implementation of CE principles on topics such as:

  1. How to live without waste
  2. Truths and myths about waste sorting
  3. Fashion or waste
  4. Office without trash bin
  5. Local government challenges

We have carried out workshops, seminars, lectures for the general public in various events as well as for companies (switch workshops for companies here).

Driving towards circularity – the first Zero Waste Event of Slovak Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Environment of Slovak Republic decided to be a leading governmental organization in organizing its events in more sustainable way. Conference for automotive industry experts in circular economy – Driving towards circularity will be its first Zero Waste event.

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