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Farm to Fork project

Through this project we educate on food, food cultivation and its impact on the environment, as well as the theme of preserving biodiversity, carbon neutrality in the context of agriculture/economy. Food-related topics are the main themes. A long-neglected topic that has not been given much space is becoming more than topical in the fight with […]

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“Circular cup”

Disposable plastics form a not insignificant part of the waste, which ends up in landfills and also in the wild. Both cases are the environmental problem of our time. The aim of the CIRCULAR CUP project is to create a “closed loop” system of cups that are reusable and biodegradable. The NUATAN CUP is made

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Festivals without waste

Since 2011, o.z. Punkt has organized in Bratislava a popular event, Good Market, attended by thousands of people. Punkt developed in cooperation with INCIEN a methodology which resulted in a significant decrease in the area of unnecessary municipal waste. Festivals and other events should act responsibly and talk about important topics. Waste prevention is a

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What City?

Expert Workshop WhatCity? This workshop was set up in response to the situation in Slovakia, where more than half of waste ends up in landfills and we are still lagging behind in meeting recycling targets as a country. The aim of the workshop was to reflect the major themes of climate change, the circular economy

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COOPERATION PROJECT BETWEEN INCIEN AND THE ASSOCIATION OF PRODUCERS OF EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE (EPS) As part of the international association within the framework of the Plastics Strategy, the Slovak Association EPS SR has set a bold voluntary recycling target that in 2025 the recycling rate in Slovakia will reach more than 50% in the field of

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Audiovisual Fund

The audiovisual industry carries with it a significant negative ecological footprint, as does other types of industry, human activity. Waste generation as well as the use of energy resources are important. As an organizational part of the Audiovisual Fund in cooperation with the Institute for Circular Economy, the Slovak Film Agency has prepared a challenge

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