“Circular cup”

Disposable plastics form a not insignificant part of the waste, which ends up in landfills and also in the wild. Both cases are the environmental problem of our time. The aim of the CIRCULAR CUP project is to create a “closed loop” system of cups that are reusable and biodegradable.

The NUATAN CUP is made of material, Nonoilen, which is the result of long-term cooperation of the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of stu in Bratislava and the commercial company PANARA s.r.o.

It is a bioplastic that is unique in that it is made of renewable materials and 100% biodegradable. Cups are capable of biological decomposition by composting within two months without residual microplastics. Its uniqueness lies in the possibility of reuse and its resistance to high temperature – up to 100 degrees Celsius. That’s why glasses are also made for hot drinks and dishwashers.

How is the project implemented?

Reusable Nonoilen cups INCIEN provides small and medium-sized events for use during their course. We have created a manual for events to which INCIEN will provide cups. The project includes the collection of data on the efficiency of the system and material. Furthermore, information and data will be provided to Panara, as well as to the manufacturer as well as stu, department of plastics, rubber and fibers at ÚPSP FCHPT.

The project was created with the support of the Tesco Foundation Fund.