Farm to Fork project

Akadémia udržateľného potravinového systému cover

Through this project we educate on food, food cultivation and its impact on the environment, as well as the theme of preserving biodiversity, carbon neutrality in the context of agriculture/economy.
Food-related topics are the main themes. A long-neglected topic that has not been given much space is becoming more than topical in the fight with climate change. We answer questions such as:

  1. Do we know where the food that got on our table came from?
  2. Who is responsible for the state of agriculture in Slovakia and who and how can change this situation?
  3. How to close material flows at agricultural level?
  4. How agriculture can help adapt to climate change.

All and much more, students of gastro-oriented schools, as well as farmers themselves, learn through workshops, webinars, and the web. This gives them the tools to change. The main goal and intention is to obtain effective and usable information from Slovakia and good examples from practice from all over the world.

This project is financed from the financing mechanism of Pontis Foundation – Metro Cash&Carry foundation fund.